Solidarity Sports Partnership Proposal - Making Children’s Dreams Come True

Solidarity Sports has a totally unique opportunity to present to you – a chance to collaborate to help make children’s dreams come true; a week after the 1 year anniversary of the tragic Grenfell fire, we are taking our children to Disneyland to help create memories that will last a lifetime.

Can you help us make this happen?

In the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017, three of our Solidarity Sports children and their parents – the Hashim family – were all tragically lost. Firdaws, 12 , was one of these children: a bright and rising star, she dreamed of visiting Disneyland. In the family’s honour Solidarity Sports launched the Hashim Family Legacy, whose purpose is to make children’s wishes come true.

Our first dream fulfilled was a trip to Disneyland Paris in October 2017, in memory of Firdaws. We will never give up on our children’s dreams, and we pledge to continue to help them come true.

In the aftermath of the fire, Solidarity Sports were a go-to organisation for the media, and Jon Snow in particular made a touching film with us about Firdaws. We also spoke to the Evening Standard and have since been interviewed by national and international news companies.

As a community and as an extended family, we want to help our children heal and move forward. Given the overwhelming success of our first trip, we want to take another 16 children and 8 mentors on a magical, unforgettable trip to Disneyland. We have just over a month to plan and fundraise for this once-in-a-lifetime holiday, and we need your help to do it.

The trip in total will cost £10,000 and this includes producing a film. If you are able to be a unique corporate partner and sponsor the entirety of the trip, we would:

1/.Brand the film with your corporate logo
2/.Refer to you as our sponsor in every media interview and on our press release
3/.Post our thanks before and throughout the trip on our social media
4/.Visit your offices afterwards with some of the children to talk to your staff about the trip
5/.Add your logo on the homepage of our website with a click through link
6/.Named as the “Hashim Family Legacy Corporate Partner of the Year 2018”

Or, if you were able to be a partial sponsor and contribute a sum towards the trip along with other partners, we would include all companies as above. For more information, please contact our Founder and Director, Sean Mendez on 07958 59922 or on

Charity No. 1123589