The streets are the world’s biggest talent platform and we celebrate the vibrancy of our street entertainment scene. For Kensington and Chelsea – and London as a whole, if we are to maintain our proud tradition of being a global powerhouse for music – more needs to be done to support and regulate our busking community.  

However, on average, we receive 1,200 complaints of noise pollution and anti-social busking within our borough. We have launched a consultation so that we can work with residents, musicians and the wider local community to find a solution.

We need to strike a balance between what works for both residents and street performers. In the past, we have investigated busking negatively on the quality of life of residents.

The Council is considering making licensing and conducted targeted enforcement pilots. Our goal is to ensure that street entertainment doesn’t impact a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to address excessive levels of noise, nuisance, annoyance, danger of risk of harm or injury caused by street entertainment activities to residents and businesses.

The Council is keen to hear the views of residents, businesses, street entertainers/buskers and other stakeholders on this proposal, possible restrictions and the area to be covered by the order. You can complete the short questionnaire at

We would also be grateful if you could promote the questionnaire to members of your organisation and other interested stakeholders. The closing date for responses is Friday 6 July 2018.


Community Engagement Team

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea